Cop Investigating Suspicious Car Finds Shivering Toddler In Blanket And Refuses To Leave His Side

After days and days of driving, all Robert Wood wanted to do was get a good night’s sleep. Accompanied by his wife and two children, the family decided to save some money and spend another night sleeping in the car.

They were in the process of moving back to Oregon from Alaska, and had already made it to Eugene by the time they decided to call it a night. Little did they know that a local police officer would soon put a stop to all their plan

As Eugene Police Lt. David Natt patrolled the local park, a car in the distance immediately caught his eye. The park had already closed for the night.

The officer knew that no one had any business still being there. He cautiously approached the vehicle and knocked on the window…


But it wasn’t until Police Lt. Natt peered inside that he caught a heartbreaking sight. The officer was stunned to find a four-year-old sleeping on a man’s chest, alongside a two-year-old nuzzled with a pregnant woman.

He knew he had to take immediate action. But this plan wouldn’t involve his police badge at all.


Instead of reprimanding the family for trespassing, Lt. Natt did something that would change their lives in a way they never saw coming. The family initially thought they were in big trouble.

They were fearful their kids might be taken away for sleeping in a car. But the officer wasn’t about to let that happen.


See the incredible turn of events in the emotional video below.


Person Comes Across A Crying Rottweiler Who’s Nose, Ears And Tail Were Chopped Off

A $2,500 reward is being offered by the Michigan Humane Society. They want the person responsible for removing a Rottweiler’s ears and nose found and arrested. On January 17, a citizen saw the seriously injured dog and called the MHS. The dog was taken to MHS’ Mackey Center for Animal Care for treatment.

No doubt his injuries had caused a great deal of suffering. Not only did someone intentionally cut off his ears and nose, but he also had cuts on his back legs, and his tail is gone. Despite this horrible abuse, the chocolate Rottie mix is very friendly. Mark Ramos, the lead investigator, said the dog is expected to recover and will be put up for adoption.


Take a look at this image

disfigured rottweiler

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Woman Veteran Suffers From PTSD Only To Have Song Choice Force Judges To Tears

When Crissy Ashcroft first joined the Australian Defence Force(ADF), she was overjoyed. As a patriot, there was no better way to serve her country and earn a living at the same time. Just as soldiers from countries all around the world did during that time, Australian forces joined the War in Afghanistan — this meant Crissy was on her way to the Middle East. She was on duty when her troop was involved in a serious attack. Crissy was injured and immediately sent home. Even though she was off the battlefield, Crissy’s personal war was far from over…


After seeking treatment for her physical injuries, she started to experience flashbacks, anxiety and depression. Every day was a struggle for Crissy and she didn’t know how to pull herself out of the hole in which she fell. That’s when she sought professional therapy for PTSD and turned to music to ease her soul. After months of singing her pains away, Crissy decided it was time to express her love for music publically. She entered The Voice: Global and prayed for the best. Would the production team select her for an audition? If they did, would the judges like her song choice?


Sure enough, she was approved as a contestant on The Voice! As soon as she walked onto the stage, a wave of pride washed over her — she made it through the darkness and it was time to shine. Before the world, Crissy belted “When The War Is Over” by Cold Chisel! Even though the audience and those watching online clearly loved her voice, the judges held out their decision until the last second! Take a peek at Crissy’s emotional rendition of “When The War Is Over” here. Hopefully, we see more of Crissy stateside!

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Girl Loses Her Brother, Walks Through Empty Church Singing Haunting Tribute Internet Cn’t Ignore

Duane and Cindy Mullet are blessed to have five children, one of whom has already gone to be with the Lord. Duane has served with Gospel Express prison ministry for more than 30 years while Cindy homeschools their children. Together, the family has found a unique way to minister to others – through sharing their God-given vocal talents with the world. Together they travel and sing as a family in church and through a prison ministry called From Pain to Purpose. As a tribute to their only son, the family created a special video honoring him and their relationship with the Lord.

Austin endured two heart transplants and battled two types of cancer in his 16 years of life. Little sister Kyra began singing the touching song “I Can Only Imagine,” melodically uttering the first few verses after her father walks her up to Austin’s gravesite. She plucked petals off a white flower and scattered them along his headstone. In no time, Kyra brought everyone to tears with her song choice. The camera cut to Kyra singing as she strolls up the aisle at church, touching each pew and looking heavenward. Kyra also drew a picture of herself, her brother, and Jesus at the moment when they finally meet the Lord and the siblings reunite.


Then older sister Alisha began to sing as she’s perched on a stone bench outside a beautiful church. We see Kyra run through the tall grass being picked up and swung around by her brother as if they’ve met in heaven. Then Kyra and Alisha merged their voices and sang a beautiful harmony for the chorus of the song. The video imagery is poignantly beautiful and so is the girls duet. Hear for yourself how incredible they sound and be sure to grab a tissue when you watch the footage. It’s quite stirring.

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911 Dispatcher Gets Call From Terrified 7-Year-Old Hiding In Bathroom With Sister “Bring Cops…Lots Of Them!”

It started out as a gorgeous sunny day in Norwalk, California, that quickly turned dark and frightening for one family. Three armed men crashed into their home, barging through an unlocked front door.

The assailants immediately threatened harm to the parents, but one smart little dude did something so brave that he’s been hailed a hero. Seven-year-old Carlos snatched his six-year-old sister and sprinted unseen to a bathroom.


While the armed men harassed the scared children’s parents, Carlos took action. Thanks to practicing emergency scenarios with his mom, he knew to call 911.
“There’s some guys! They’re going to kill my mom and dad, can you come please. … Can you come really fast? PLEASE, PLEASE.”

Los Angeles County sheriff’s dispatcher Monique Patino was the calm voice of reason on the other end of the line. She later admitted that while every emergency call is different, this particular one was “horrific.”
“I was really shook up.”

Carlos told Monique that the strangers had guns and were going to shoot his mom and dad. He begged her to “come really fast!”
“Bring cops … lots of them.”


Then he asked her to send soldiers, too. You can hear his little sister in the background crying.

But as Monique tries to keep Carlos calm and reassures him that help is on the way, something horrible happens. Carlos briefly mentions “There was a guy!”

Then you can hear the two kids screaming hysterically. At this point, Monique’s heart plummets.
“Once I heard the screams, I’m holding the phone and shaking, in tears. All I can hear is them screaming.”


The armed assailants realized that someone was hiding in the bathroom and broke down the door to find Carlos on the phone and his trembling sister hiding with him. The men demanded to know who he was speaking to.

When Carlos bravely replied, “911,” the men did something so shocking, you have to hear it for yourself in the video below.


Mother’s Boyfriend Kills 2-Year-Old Girl In The Most Horrific Way (Photo)

Most adults know that children are not the same as adults emotionally, intellectually and physically – children are not the same as adults. Children can’t be treated the same as adults. When you are playing games with kids, you do need to be careful. In Missouri, Richard Gamache Jr., 24, wasn’t careful when he performed “wrestling moves” on Addie, a two-year-old girl.

boyfriend killed daughter

As a result, Addie died. According to KTVI, Gamache even performed the “Batista Bomb” on the toddler, which is when a person is lifted by the waist, flipped, so they are sitting on your shoulders, and then slammed to the ground on their back.

boyfriend killed daughter

What person would do that to a two-year-old? After suffering seizures, Addie was taken to the hospital, there were obvious signs of physical trauma from the ‘game’ Gamache had played with her.

boyfriend killed daughter

Gamache was arrested and charged with neglect and abuse of a child. Addie’s mother, Cheyenne Cook, 19, was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Gamache had abused Addies over a period of time, and Cook never tried to stop it.

boyfriend killed daughter

Sheriff David Marshak said that Addie was basically tortured and that the couple exchanged text messages about how they would cover up the abuse.

Initially, Gamache claimed he didn’t know how Addie had gotten the injuries, later he admitted that he wrestled with her.

boyfriend killed daughter

GoFundMe page was started by Addie’s grandfather, on the page he warned people about leaving children with people you don’t know. Rest in Peace, sweet angel.

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Meatballs with potatoes and béchamel sauce: a Swedish classic gets an a delicious update

Most countries have a national dish, and Sweden is no exception. Swedish meatballs anyone?

But it’s hard to overestimate the influence that French cuisine has had on modern Swedish cooking.

So why not combine these two amazing food cultures?

This recipe does it in a way that few others do. It also contains a lot of my favorite ingredients and combines them in a creative way, enhancing their flavors in the best way.

With that said, let’s get started — because you don’t want to miss this one!

What you need:

3 potatoes, peeled and cooked
1 clove of garlic
1 packet of beef
1 teaspoon of chopped parsley
1 pinch of paprika
1 large block of mozzarella, shredded
Salt and pepper

Béchamel sauce:

5 tablespoons of butter
4 tablespoons of flour
4 cups of milk
2 teaspoons of salt
1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg

How to make it:

1. Before doing anything else, get the béchamel sauce ready. It’s central to this recipe. Put a medium saucepan on the stove, turn the heat up to medium and melt the butter. Then, stir in the flour until it becomes smooth and turns gold.

2. In the meantime, heat the milk in a separate saucepan until it almost boils. When it’s warm enough, gradually add the milk to the butter mixture and keep stirring it until it’s even. Once you’ve added all the milk, boil the sauce for 10 minutes while continuously stirring it. Then, season with salt and nutmeg!

3. Now that your sauce is ready, set the oven to 400°F (200°C).  Get a large glass bowl and mix the meat in it with the chopped parsley and paprika. Then, spice it with some salt and pepper.

4. Peel the potatoes and cook them until they’re semi-soft. This usually takes around seven minutes. Then, cut the potatoes into slices and cover the inside of a different glass bowl with them like in the picture below.

5. Next, take the meat mixture and form it into meatballs. You should get 15 meatballs altogether. Place them on top of the potato crust.

6. Arrange the rest of the potatoes so they’re standing between the potatoes, Then, pour the béchamel sauce over everything until each meatball is covered. Next, sprinkle the whole thing with  a layer of shredded mozzarella.

7. Finally, place the dish in the oven for 15 minutes. When it’s done, you’ll have a delicious creamy, cheesy French-Swedish casserole that the whole family will love!

Video Recipe:

Doesn’t this look delicious? I don’t think anyone would be disappointed if you made this tonight!

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Dad turns tombstone into masterpiece after 10-year-old son dies in his sleep

On September 23, 1988, Ernest and Anneke Robinson welcomed their son, Matthew to the world.

Unfortunately, Matthew was born with serious disabilities. Because of deficiencies while in the womb, he was born both blind and paralysed from the neck down.

The doctors told his parents that Matthew was likely to die within a few hours. However, showing extraordinary courage and strength, and with the support and faith of his loving family, he lived until he was 10 and a half years old.

When it was time to lay Matthew to rest in 1999, Ernest decided that his son’s tombstone should be something extraordinary; something beautiful and unique, just for him.

The gravestone would portray all of Matthew’s greatest qualities, symbolising his hope rather than his sadness.

We have to say, Matthew’s gravestone is one of the most moving things we’ve ever seen…

Ability Found
Matthew Stanford Robinson was born in 1988. He was born blind and paralysed from the neck down when he came into the world, but he didn’t let that stop him.

Doctors explained to Ernest and Anneke that their boy might only live a few hours.

Ability Found
But Matthew exceeded the doctors’ expectations. He went on to live a life full of love.

Although he could only speak a few words, Matthew continued to inspire his family and the community where he lived.

Ability Found
On Sunday, February 21, 1999, Matthew passed away in his sleep.

The church that held the funeral service was filled from wall to wall with people.

In 2000, Ernest decided to build a tombstone, in memory of his son, at Salt Lake City Cemetery. He wanted to create something different and unique, and provide something that would stand out, even in the graveyard.

He wrote the simplest of inscriptions at the base of the tombstone.

But the top is a different thing entirely.

Ability Found
The upper part of the sculpture is a fantastic carving of a boy rising from his wheelchair with his hands towards the sky.

Matthew is depicted as “free from his burdens”.

Ability Found
The gravestone became a symbol of hope and inspiration; a mark against sorrow and dark thoughts.

Matthew’s statue, which has since been visited by millions of people around the world, offers light and embodies courage.

Ability Found

Many people get such feelings when they visit Matthew’s grave.

“One day while driving around doing research at the Salt Lake City Cemetery, I spotted this beautiful headstone and memorial. It immediately brought tears to my eyes, and continues to every time I visit it. Never before had I come across such a touching statue that tells so much just at first glance,” Enjoy Utah reads.

Ability Found
Inspired by his son, Ernest and Anneke established a charity.

It collects money for children who would otherwise go without. The organisation helps the less fortunate; people with conditions such as cerebral palsy, cancer, spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis.

Ability Found
The way Ernest and Anneke see it, helping others makes it possible for them to honor Matthew’s incredible contributions to their lives.

It truly is an incredible tombstone that Ernest made for his son. It symbolises so much!

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Two Texas siblings reunited after car crash that killed parents, baby sister

Two siblings in  San Angelo, Texas, were reunited for the first time after their parents and 2-month-old sister were killed in a head-on crash earlier this month.

The children were reunited for the first time this week following the accident on April 7.  (Teresa Burrell)

Five-year-old  Zachary Clemens was reunited with his 8-year-old sister,  Angela Clemens this week, Teresa Burrell, the children’s great aunt, said on Facebook. “This is Zachary and Angie. They are able to touch each other for the first time since the accident. Our prayers are for these little ones who have a long journey of healing ahead,” she added.

Zachary, Angela and their two other siblings, Wyatt, 4, and Nicholas, 2, were involved in a head-on crash on Saturday, April 7. The Clemens were heading back from a family outing when the driver of a Tahoe lost control of the vehicle, veered into oncoming traffic and hit the family’s Suburban, KTXS-TV reported.

The children’s parents, Jim Alan Clemens, 31, and Karisa Brianne Clemens, 29, were killed. The crash also claimed the life of their 2-month-old sister, Juliana.
Five-year-old  Zachary Clemens was reunited with his 8-year-old sister,  Angela Clemens this week, Teresa Burrell, the children’s great aunt, said on Facebook.

“Yesterday, he [Zachary] was able to leave his bed and get into the wheelchair for the first time. He and Angie were able to see each other for the first time. Angie has had a lot of brain injuries, but yesterday she was able to read and sing with us. Our hearts are so full of the miracles we are experiencing,” she wrote.

Geplaatst door Karisa Clemens op woensdag 3 januari 2018


“This is Zachary and Angie. They are able to touch each other for the first time since the accident. Our prayers are for these little ones who have a long journey of healing ahead,” she added.

Burrell did not immediately respond to Fox News request for comment on Saturday.

Zachary, Angela and their two other siblings, Wyatt, 4, and Nicholas, 2, were involved in a head-on crash on Saturday, April 7. The Clemens were heading back from a family outing when the driver of a Tahoe lost control of the vehicle, veered into oncoming traffic and hit the family’s Suburban, KTXS-TV reported.

The children’s parents, Jim Alan Clemens, 31, and Karisa Brianne Clemens, 29, were killed. The crash also claimed the life of their 2-month-old sister, Juliana.

Zachary, Angie and Wyatt were all taken to a local hospital in critical condition while their 2-year-old brother escaped the accident with only minor injuries. He is now with his grandmother while his three siblings are treated at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth.

Geplaatst door Karisa Clemens op maandag 11 april 2016

“Little Zachary broke his back, but could feel his toes and that’s awesome. But when they took him in for surgery his lungs, they really struggled,” Burrell said, according to KTXS-TV.

Angie, who only recently awoke from a coma, suffered various brain injuries as a result of the crash. Wyatt was paralyzed on his left side and suffered strokes following the accident but is on the mend. Burrell wrote on Facebook that the 4-year-old is an “active little boy who is walking (carefully) and playing. He rarely sits still.”

Two separate fundraisers have been started to help the family pay for funeral and medical expenses. One fundraiser, on Facebook, has raised more than $100,000. The other, on YouCaring, has raised nearly $40,000.

Local authorities are still investigating additional details of the crash, People magazine reported.

Pregnant texas mom thinks she is having twins: doctors discover serious danger when taking scan

It was Lauren Perkins dream to become a mother.

The idea of fertility treatment didn’t seem to bad after spending a year trying to get pregnant.

She decided to take a vacation to Nicaragua with her husband David to consider their next step.

Lauren talked openly about their struggles to conceive while she was on vacation.

A priest which is a friend so their offered comforting words: “Someone up there has big plans for you. I don’t know what, but it will be big.”

Lauren soon realized the words really carried some weight.

Lauren returned home to Texas after their trip not thinking much about what the priest had said.

David had decided they wanted to try out artificial insemination one of the simplest methods of assisted fertilization.

Lauren was convinced that she was destined to be barren… but finally, she fell pregnant.

Lauren was told by nurses that her HCG levels were very high in the first routine check.

What this meant is there was a strong possibility there was more than one child inside of her.

The couple was delighted that they may have twins or even triplets,  the idea of having more than one was too good to be true.

Then the ultrasound came after studying the screen for a few seconds doctors delivered the shocking news…

The doctor announced: “I count five in there.” Lauren thought this was impossible.

Turning back to the screen the doctor says: “Wait a minute! I just found a sixth baby.”

The couple stared at the screen in complete shock they couldn’t believe it was six!

Lauren and David faced a difficult decision they could either reduce the number of children or keep them all.

The chances of having all six babies to survive were low and there could also be a number of dangerous complications.

Finally, Lauren and David decided to give all six a fighting chance.

Doctors promised to ensure every baby was delivered safely and the hospital made an effort to avoid complications associated with the birth.

The day arrived for them to be delivered on Monday morning, April 23, 2012.

Lauren was in week 30 of her pregnancy – sp they were considered premature.

Inside the delivery ward, a total of 35 people from the hospital gathered.

It wasn’t an easy task as Doctors required the help of six nurses standing by to receive each baby as it came into the world.

I was nervous and excited all at once.  It was starting to sink in that this was for real – I was going to have 6 babies,” Lauren said.

To deliver all six babies it took a total of four minutes.

Andrew, Benjamin, Caroline, Leah, Allison, and Levi all weighed between 1 and 2 pounds at birth.

Lauren said: “I didn’t expect to see my babies until the next day, but each baby’s team rolled them by me one by one on their way up to the NICU, and I got to touch their little fingers.

The children were in a special care unit for the first few days as they were so small.

Allison was the first baby in a stable enough condition to be held.

The nurses took ten minutes to get all the wires and monitor up so Lauren could hold her.

And that moment, when I got to hold my baby, was when I became a mother…of sextuplets,” Lauren explained.

The first few weeks were crucial the parents still worried about complications that could potentially lead to disabilities or, in the worst case, death.
The family was finally able to hold all of their angels after many intense weeks of love and care from the staff in the neonatal facility.

At four months old five of the babies were able to go home.

Leah had to remain in the hospital for a few weeks, as she was the smallest and had struggled inside the womb.

She was literally buried under everybody else in the womb,” said Lauren, “so she didn’t get the right nutritional flow. Her brain was not fully developed.”

The family had support from loved ones, which has helped them get through the hardest and most difficult of times.

Donations from others have also come in, both from family and complete strangers touched by the birth and Lauren’s story.

Lauren, has praised all the medical staff involved, the children may never have been strong enough to go home without their help.

My doctor was the best and I’m forever grateful to him for the level of care I received,” Lauren says.

Also, the NICU staff who put in hours upon hours getting our children ready to come home and teaching us the ins and outs of preemie care.  So many of these people have a special place in our hearts and family.”

Recently Andrew Noah, Benjamin Luke, Caroline Grace, Leah Michelle, Allison Kate and Levi Thomas celebrated their 6th birthday!

The family has now adapted to a new full-on way of life.

I call it semi-controlled chaos,” Lauren explains.

We had to get very scheduled and very structured and organized, especially in the first year.”

Andrew, Benjamin, Levi, Allison, and Caroline – are perfectly healthy today.

Things have been a bit rougher for Leah, as a result of her brain not being fully developed prior to birth.

She will require a lot of care from her parents for a long time to come, however, she has started school along with her siblings.

She goes to general preschool for children with disabilities. But she always gives 100 percent and laughs all the time. She is our sunshine!” Lauren says.

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