Dad And 4 y/o Switched On Camera To Record This, But 3 Million People Watched, And Mom Found Out!

Now I’m a person that likes to burst into song when one I like comes on the radio and I don’t care who hears me. By the looks of this video, this dad and his daughter feel the same way… And they’re taking it to the next level!

Cole LaBrant often posts fun videos to his YouTube channel and he has become somewhat of an internet celebrity and in this video, he’s brought his step-daughter, Everleigh along for the ride.

This adorable duo gives an amazing performance that will certainly bring a smile to your face and warm your heart.

For every song that plays on the radio, Cole and Everleigh burst into an array of dance moves and fun facial expressions.

We’re not surprised that millions have watched their antics but boy, are we glad we did. Please watch the video below and feel free to share if you enjoyed 🐝