Mom discovers large blisters on baby’s feet: Days later, police reveal the horrible truth

Having toddlers is an amazing experience, but it also requires a lot of work.

Many people – inexperienced, I might add – still believe that parental leave is basically like an extended vacation.

I can guarantee, however, that virtually any parent who’s been at home for a long time with their young child(ren) knows that it is anything but. Sure, you get to bond with them and spend time uninterrupted, but let me put it this way: You will begin to appreciate having a shower, because it’s the only time you’re afforded semblance of peace and quiet.

It doesn’t matter how much you love your child, even the best mom or dad in the world needs a couple of hours downtime here and there.

Which is why it’s perfectly acceptable that the mother in this story took hers.

However, when she returned home to her six-month-old baby, she wasn’t met by the smiling, happy child she had left. On the contrary…

The mom returned to her house after a couple of hours away to find that 36-year-old babysitter Ismelda Ramos Mendoza, of Bladensburg, USA, had been negligent with her daughter.

The moment she got through the door, she knew something was wrong. Upon inspecting her baby’s feet, she found that her soles were covered in huge blisters.
Ismelda Ramos Mendoza
Bladenburg Police Department
When she asked Mendoza what had happened, the babysitter said she had no idea.

Mom makes police call

However, the mom suspected foul play, and so called the police to lodge a claim of child abuse.

She then took her daughter directly to hospital, where the true extent of her injuries were made clear. She had severe burns on both feet, as though they had been cooked.
Screaming baby
Pixabay (The baby in the picture has nothing to do with the event)

After 36-year-old Mendoza was arrested, it was discovered that she had become angry when the baby had failed to stop crying while she was cooking.

Mendoza had then forced the baby’s feet into the frying pan as punishment, according to US source The Washington Post.

For some mothers, it will be a long time before they feel secure enough to leave their baby with a babysitter again.

For more on this terrible incident, watch the news report below:

Bladensburg, Md. (AP) – Illegal Immigrant babysitter burns inf…

BLADENSBURG, Md. (AP) – An illegal immigrant daycare worker was charged with child abuse, accused of placing the feet of a young child against a hot pan, according to charging documents filed with the District Court of Maryland for Prince George’s County. Ismelda Ramos Mendoza, 36, of Bladensburg, Maryland, was taken into custody on Monday, March 27 after she told investigators she became frustrated with a 6-month-old girl for crying too much. She was arrested and taken to the Prince George’s Department of Corrections.According to the court documents, the mother of the girl took the youngster, Ana Flores Guerrero, to the home of Mendoza on Wednesday, March 22 around 2 p.m. for Mendoza to watch the girl. The mother returned about three hours later to pick up her child. The next morning, the mother saw redness on the bottom of Ana Flores’ feet and asked Mendoza if she knew what happened. Mendoza said she didn’t know anything.Source: Babysitter Accused of Burning Feet of 6-Month-Old Girl | NBC4 Washington us: @nbcwashington on Twitter | NBCWashington on Facebook

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Reading about innocent children abused by vile adults is never easy. It amazes me that a person can do such a thing to a vulnerable baby.

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